WOW! It has been a crazy year so far. I wish I had more free time to write this blog… I’m going to have to try to set aside time for myself. I work full-time, have children, dogs, cats, birds, and of course rats. I feel like I spend most of my time taking care of others and I enjoy it. However, I often push aside the things I really feel passionate about. I’m going to have to work on that.

This year I have joined forces with a breeder in Austin, Texas. Her name is Michelle, Elle’s Exceptionally Ordinary Rattery. This is now my sister rattery. What that means is that if you get a rat form her or from me, you should expect the same excellent breeding. Many of our rats are related and we are working towards the same goals. I’ve decided to let her join my little spot here in sharing her experiences with everyone.

Also this year, I have been working with my veterinarian, Dr. Farrell at Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital to be able to offer neutered males, and/or a place to refer people to for neutering. Dr. Farrell is an excellent doctor and a pleasure to work with, as she truly adores our little ratties, too.

What else? Let’s see… I finally have a logo, that I love, thanks to Elle and her awesome husband.