I have been breeding rats since about 1990. My love for rats, and all other creatures, started at a very young age. I continue to breed with the goal of improving the pet lines of rats. Temperament and health being my top concerns. I work hard to maintain the best breeding program possible and make sure my rats go to the best homes I can.  Every rat that enters my rattery is tested for Seoul virus. Sick rats see my vet, and I keep most of my retired breeders to watch for any health issues in the lines.

I often have a waiting list of approximately 1 month for any litter that is born. Here, in this blog, you will see photos of some of my rats past and present. If you are looking for current rats, try my Facebook page or send me a private message on my Facebook page. I am slower to answer email, but that is available as well.

Squeaky Cheese Rattery