Phew! Finally got the rattery up and going again after the big move. For those of you that don’t know, our landlord of 9 years sold his house out from under us and we were given under 30 days to move(and yes I am aware that I could have fought for more time but it wasn’t worth it to us). Dogs, cats,  and a whole lotta rattery meant it was a rush to the finish line to find someone who was even willing to rent to us. The 2 cats are staying with friends but the rest of the home is here in Canyon Lake now. We will be hoping to buy a home next year so this is not something we have to worry about anymore.

November seemed to fly by and yet at the same time it dragged on. Trying to move a household in a week is one thing but add on to that moving the rats, making sure they are safe and comfortable, not being able to keep the same routine was hellish, which hopefully explains the absence of a blog!

We lost our sweet old man, Dobbie, after the move. He was already showing serious signs of old age before all of this and the move was just too much for him. He died in my arms and I will miss him terribly. I’m grateful for every hairless baby he he created and I’m hoping to carry on his line in his name.  But this does mean that I may not have any hairless litters for a little while available to the public.

We have BIG plans for Squeaky Cheese this coming year!