Your pet rats should not smell offensively. I often hear people mention smell when talking about rats. Although they do have a light scent, when clean a rat should not smell offensive. If you feel like your rat is smelly there are a few tips to try. The natural healthy scent of a rat is usually considered somewhere between peanut butter and fritos.

The number one reason for rat smell is of course a clean cage. You should be cleaning your cage at least once a week if you are using bedding, twice a week if you are using fleece. Rats will do their best to keep themselves clean but they can only be as clean as their environment.

The second reason is nutrition. I have a few posts about nutrition, please check them out. The basics is a healthy rat block, with added supplements of fruit, veg, and grains. If you are noticing a strong urine smell their pH may be off and a good way to fix that is one or two drops of vanilla  extract in their water bottle.

Third, bathing TOO OFTEN can cause a rat to secrete more oils to protect its skin. Rats with hair should not be bathed more often than once a month (I almost never bathe mine) and hairless rats up to once every 2 weeks. My hairless rats are bathed about once a month.