Dumbo rats have been increasing in popularity.
Recently I have heard a lot of people talking about rats and their ears. Many people find the dumbo rat to be a more visually appealing rat. Perhaps it is because it doesn’t quite look like its wild cousin? Or maybe people just really like goofy looking animals. Okay, we do, and dumbo rats do certainly look goofy! When you are trying to decide if you want a dumbo rat or not there are a few things you should know.

The only difference between a dumbo rat and a top eared rat are the ears. Well, dumbos tend to have a slightly flatter head, too. But still… it is the same animal. You can have dumbo and top eared rats in the same litter. They may or may not be sweeter in personality… but really that has a whole lot more to do with breeding than ears.

Putting a dumbo rat with a top eared rat. They will get along fine with each other. Rats don’t see any difference between their dumbo friends and their top eared friends.

Dumbo rats do not seem to have any health issues more than a top eared rat. There are no specifically dumbo health issues.

There is actually very little difference between a dumbo rat and a top eared rat. It is purely visual and some people love it and some people hate it. I love to have a mix of dumbo and top eared rats to enjoy the diversity!