I’ve been asked a lot lately what pet rat cages are the best. The truth is there is no perfect rat cage. They all have positives and negatives associated with them. This series will hopefully help answer those questions. Sometimes you can find expensive cages for cheaper on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. You definitely need to use a veterinary grade cleaner if you do this to be sure you are not bringing any diseases into your home, but I find this a good way to get cages for cheap.

MidWest Critter Nation – Well known, and probably the most popular of rat cages. I have some, I like them. They are not perfect. First, both front doors open up completely which is awesome for cleaning and or just hanging out with your rats in their home. Second, the plastic pans are pretty good against chewing and can be covered with fleece to make your rattie feel comfortable. The downside in my opinion is that they are not good for people who prefer bedding over fleece (which I do, I just don’t have time for rat laundry every few days). There are some pans you can buy to place in the bottom to five a place for bedding but it is an extra cost. There are one level cages and two level cages. The two level can either be completely sectioned off for maybe someone who wants males and females; or can be opened up to give them a huge safe place to explore. I think two levels is probably too much space for the younger babies but as they grow they can have the full double. Don’t use the barred ramps on any cages, your rats are unlikely to use them much anyway and they can hurt or break a leg. I’ve seen these on sale from around $130 for the single to $250 for the double. They will, however, last you forever.


Size: 24 W x 39 H x 36 L – single
Size: 24 W x 63 H x 36 L – double
pros: large, good size bars, safe and sturdy from other pets, easy to add accessories, has wheels, large doors, easy access to pets
cons: have to buy another pan for bedding, takes a lot of space, expensive, heavy