I feel like there is just not enough true information out there about rats. They are simply the best small animal pet out there. A well-bred pet rat should never bite, will be healthy most of its life, is curious and craves human attention, is gregarious(they love to spend time together), is quiet, and is clean.  The simple truth is that if you have a well-bred rat you will find that they are full of personality and love.

Here, at Everything Rats, you will find information on finding the right breeder or rescue, foods, play time, enrichment, health, cages, bedding, joining rat associations, and shows.

Welcome to Everything Rats your source for all rat info. My name is Amber and I have been working with pet rats for 25 years. I have bred pet rats for most of that time and only rarely did I not have a rat in my life. I own Squeaky Cheese Rattery in Canyon Lake, TX. Here at SCR our goal is to breed the best possible pet rats. I am constantly striving to better the rats I have and have recently decided to join AFRMA (American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association) and work with them in making rats the best they can be. My rats are a huge part of our family life. The name for Squeaky Cheese Rattery came from my son’s first pet rat, Mr. Squeaky Cheese.

I’ve noticed with my breeding that so many people think that rats bred for pets are the same as rats bred for feeders or show. There are huge differences in what people are breeding for. I will talk about this in future blogs, this is one of the huge reasons I have decided to speak out about pet rats and how wonderful they can be!